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Frand Finneran & Co.

Hotels Worked On

Frank K. Finneran & Co.

In addition to the management experience noted while Finneran was with Westin Hotels, Finneran & Co. has had numerous executive level hotel assignments. His company has performed executive level consulting services for the following hotels:
Room Count
Seattle Waterfront Marriott 400
Point Hilton at Tapetio Cliffs 584
Seattle Sheraton 840
Gene Autry Hotel 200
Doubletree Marina Beach 400
Monterey Marriott 344
Portland Holiday Inn 180
Baranof Hotel 217
Inn at the Coliseum 186
West Bank Hotel 200
Doubletree Orange 454
Cape Fox Hotel 72
Doubletree SFO 310
Monterey Plaza Hotel 300
Tacoma Sheraton 350
Red Lion Coliseum 212
Perdido Beach Hilton 345
Kahala Hilton 369
Marina Del Rey Hotel 160
St. Francis Hotel 1199
Doubletree Warren Place 371
Marriott Salt Lake City 510
Sandpiper Inn 66
Doubletree Tulsa 418
Sheraton El Conquistador 432
Captain Bartlett Inn 197
Monterey Sheraton 341
Days Inn Tacoma 130
Anaheim Hilton 1576
Hyatt Arlington 330
Marina International Hotel & Bungalows 136
Ramada Inn Copper King 154
Alderbrook Inn and Country Club 101
Red Lion Hotel Portland 168
Tacoma Convention Center Hotel 350
Bozeman Boutique Hotel 95
Portland Headquarters Hotel 400